Bespoke insurance

for social media influencers

From as little as $650 a year for up to $100,000 towards legal costs

Good intentions aren’t always enough

Even if you think you’re doing the right thing you might still be at risk from breaking laws. In the US the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has said that marking posts with #ad isn’t enough. The rules keep changing, and ignorance isn’t an excuse. You need to protect yourself.

Did you know?


Of celebrity sponsored posts thought not to be FTC Compliant.

What does Assured Social cover?

Insurance for influencers

Whether you use social media to make a living or aspire to express yourself, innocently sharing content could still land you in court.

Assured Social is your shield protecting against this. It covers up to $100,000 in legal fees for as little as $650 a year. That way you can post with confidence and watch your influence grow.


You need Assured Social if you

Feature products or cover celebrities

Getting your facts wrong, causing offence or making an honest mistake can land you in legal trouble.

Post images

Image ownership isn’t always clear and posting without permission can lead to fines. A brand could sue if you use an old product image when talking about a new release.

Promote products

If you’ve been paid you must disclose your relationship to your viewers.

Feature other people’s work

Posting content created by a fan or another influencer can lead to copyright disputes. Who owns the work?

Have subscribers

You could be liable if their data is stolen or hacked.

What our influencer insurance covers_

Assured Social will pay for:

  • Legal costs in fighting allegations
  • Damages you are liable for
  • Payment for resolving claims

You can read a policy overview here.

You will be covered for these things_

  • Negligent mis-statement & defamation
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Breach of licence
  • Plagiarism
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Failure to give credit
  • Negligent transmission of a computer virus
  • Negligence
  • Civil liability
  • Crisis containment costs
  • Investigation by the FTC

The 10 most common influencer legal disputes

The best influencers and brands know great content comes from teamwork. But what happens when disagreements happen? These are the most common allegations you might face from brands and sponsors.

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  1. You are contracted by brand to make a series of sponsored posts. The brand then alleges you have failed to meet their expectations in your content.
  2. You accidentally use the wrong image, logo or product in a sponsored post.
  3. In a rush to get a post out you make a mistake or misspell a brand name.
  4. You fail to meet a time critical deadline for a post that is being run alongside a wider marketing campaign for a brand or sponsor.
  5. A brand or sponsor feels that the tone or style doesn’t meet their expectations or doesn’t meet with the overall tone of their brand.
  6. Your posts are online worldwide. What might not be a copyright infringement in the USA may be elsewhere in the world. You could have a claim brought against you for copyright infringement in a foreign local court if their laws allow it.
  7. You spend time on getting the right permissions for a location shoot only for someone in the background to bring a claim for breach of privacy as they weren’t asked.
  8. What if you misunderstand what a brand or sponsor wants from you and do something different? They then refuse pay for as they allege it’s not what they wanted.
  9. A brand feels you have mis-represented their product in a post.
  10. “It’s only a joke!” In an off moment you say something about the brand which they don’t like and they feel brings their brand into disrepute.

Case Studies

You can only buy our insurance based on your registered address. If you have a USA registered address but are currently in the UK, or a UK registered address but are currently in the USA please contact us using the form below and we’ll be able to help: