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Bespoke insurance for social media influencers_

From as little as $600 a year for up to $100,000 towards legal costs

About Assured Social Media Influencer Insurance

Assured Social provides financial protection if you’re involved in a legal dispute over social media. Wait, hang on. Legal disputes for sharing ideas with your followers? It’s more common than you might think, even if your intentions are good. This page explains how Assured Social has you covered.

What Assured Social covers

1. Social Media Influencers Insurance

Financial protection against legal costs arising from:

  • Negligent errors, omissions, misstatement or misrepresentation
  • Dishonesty: fraudulent criminal or malicious act, error or omission of employees
  • Defamation, libel, slander, negative comment about a product, harm to the reputation of third parties
  • Privacy breach, including false light, intrusion upon an individual’s seclusion and public disclosure of
    private facts
  • Intellectual Property Infringement: copyright, trademarks, service marks, domain name, title or slogan, plagiarism
  • Breach of contract: unintentional breach of a contract, hold harmless or indemnity agreement with anyone you have contracted with to provide a professional service including marketing and advertising services
2. Reputational Damage

Cover for the following costs incurred (with insurer’s consent) to mitigate harm to your reputation or potential loss, arising from the examples above:

  • Costs of a public relations or reputation management consultant – including a social media specialist
  • Legal costs to uphold your right to be forgotten or right to erasure
  • Costs incurred to remove potentially infringing or defamatory content from your website and social networks
  • Costs for emergency correction to your website and social network(s) media content to protect your reputation
  • Costs incurred to prevent re-broadcast or re-publishing of content likely to cause harm to your reputation

3. User Generated Content

Cover to fund legal defence in a claim arising against you as a result of user generated content.

4. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Investigations

For costs to investigate, defend and rectify any complaint against you by theFederal Trade Commission (FTC) subject to a total sublimit of $25,000.

5. Regulatory Defence and Penalties

Financial protection against legal costs and fines resulting from a regulatory proceeding for a Media Cause of Action.

6. Emergency Corrections

For costs of re-creating promotional content for a client (e.g.: a short film/vlog), to fix a mistake and prevent a claim from escalating.

7. Mitigation Costs

If a client is dissatisfied, refuses to pay and threatens to bring a claim against you.

8. Loss of Documents

Funds to replace or restore.

9. Appeal Costs

Up to $25,000 for legal costs of an appeal against a Court or Judicial ruling on a claim covered under the policy.

What's NOT covered

  • Technical issues that are the sole responsibility of a third party (e.g.: internet service provider)
  • Cyber Liability, Data Breach
  • Contractual liabilities (except Intellectual Property/Unfair Competition)
  • Deliberate or intentional acts (e.g.: conscious defamation)
  • Holding/processing personal data without consent or legal grounds
  • Breach of duty by directors and officers of your organisation
  • Provision of professional services outside of your influencer contracts
  • Over-redemption of promotional offerings
  • Liabilities incurred under a Merchant Services Agreement (e.g.: with a bank/credit card)
  • Supply or manufacture of products
  • Trading losses
  • Physical risks: Natural Events (e.g.: flood), Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Land/Buildings
  • Activities which took place before the Retroactive Date (policy inception)
  • Employment Practices 
  • Employee Benefits
  • Can-Spam Act and similar law violations

Who are we?

Assured Social is 21st century insurance designed and powered by companies with extensive industry experience.

Beazley is a specialist insurer with three decades of experience in providing clients with the highest standards of underwriting and claims service worldwide. All its insurance businesses are rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, meaning they’ve been independently assessed as having the ability to meet financial obligations.

Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading insurance market, providing specialist insurance services to businesses in over 200 countries and territories. Lloyd’s is home to a number of managing agents that run separate specialist underwriting businesses known as ‘syndicates’.  These all operate under one roof, offering an unrivalled concentration of specialist insurance expertise.